PA Museums Conference Recordings

Recordings from our 2022 PA Museums Annual Statewide Museum Conference are now available.

Museums and the Pandemic: Statewide Impact and Opportunities for Growth
Passcode: .R+9.uoi

Museums in the Digital Age – Continuing Online Content and Digital Programming One Year Later
Passcode: #NR2fk.U

Monthly Giving: Your Museum Sustainability Plan
Passcode: ^cS%eh9d

Risky Museum Business: Identifying, Prioritizing, and Mitigating Risks to Your Collection
Passcode: =ADn3Ttf

PA Museums Annual Meeting
Passcode: #@Qp922U

Building Bridges and Creating a Sense of Place: Community Outreach and Education in Cumberland County
Passcode: 3J$ryP93

How do you solve a problem like Columbus?
Passcode: o2UgN5?2

Taking the mystery out of AASLH’s awards program
Passcode: #uvv3zy+

Polliwogs and Pollinators: Creating an ADA Accessible Garden Landscape and Education Center
Passcode: HA3^!X&!

Objects of Intention: Planning Impactful Training Programs
Passcode: &QjqB.1s

Click Click Done: Developing your Google Analytics Skills
Passcode: P5G+3b1N

Reimagining Relevance: How small museums can guild engaging, thoughtful programming
Passcode: 9P2im+yt

Advocacy Now
Passcode: @zSB8@0@

Accessibility Excellence Office Hours
Passcode: ^^CQb#9S

Guest Speaker Robert K. Wittman
Passcode: WPCVq9#?

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