The Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums Annual Meeting

Onward, What’s Next:

If 2020 and 2021 were about re-imaging the work of museums, 2022 is about taking what we learned, saw, and felt, and making lasting changes to our work in service of our visitors and our communities.

This year’s conference embraces the work in progress. Together we will consider what we learned in the past two years—what it means to be culturally responsive, how we define community, allocate resources, and decolonize and care for our collections. We found new ways to engage audiences and keep our institutions vibrant. Join the MAAM Annual Meeting for conversations, workshops, and roundtables about ideas and projects, including those that aren’t yet completely realized, and the risks, big and small, that museum professionals are taking to change the field.

MAAM is seeking conference proposals.

Washington, D.C.
October 9-11, 2022

The American Association for State and Local History

Right Here, Right Now: The Power of Place (Annual Conference)

Buffalo, NY
September 14-17, 2022

Registration is open

November 1-4, 2022 AASLH Online Conference

AASLH Online Courses

Fall Session Registration Now Open

8/29 – 9/25: Financial Structures and Strategy
8/29 – 10/23: Collections Management (Small Museum Pro!)
8/29 – 10/23: Developing Exhibitions: Planning (Small Museum Pro!)
8/29 – 10/23: Museum Education and Outreach (Small Museum Pro!)
8/29 – 10/23: Project Management for History Professionals
10/3 – 11/6: Basics of Archives (updated dates!)