Lackawanna Historical Society

The Lackawanna Historical Society was founded in 1886 as the Lackawanna Institute of History and Science. It is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the county. In 1921, the focus of the organization shifted and it was renamed the Lackawanna Historical Society.
The mission of the LHS is to collect, preserve and interpret the artifacts, archives and bibliographic materials of the social, cultural and economic history of Lackawanna County and northeastern Pennsylvania. Items in the LHS collections date from the 1700s to the present. The Society’s specific responsibilities include: fostering the knowledge and appreciation of the history and culture of Lackawanna County and associated areas through educational programs, public accessibility to library materials and the artifact/archive collections, and alliances with like-minded organizations. The LHS also serves to encourage an appreciation of the wider history and culture of the United States by relating the regional experience to that of the nation via programs and activities.