Equitable Access Brings Joy

Today we will keep things short while many of you are deep into summer visitors and events. We are spotlighting another top resource of our regional ADA Center. The Mid Atlantic ADA Center regularly posts its E-Bulletin with news on health, culture, the arts, and upcoming trainings. The E-Bulletin: July 4, 2023 under the Arts and Culture News section links to an excellent article by the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) Director Mark Odum, A View from the Accessible Seats.

Mark experienced how accessibility laws changed how he could access and enjoy sporting events personally and as an active advocate. He also provides his own list of resources to events, ticketing, and planning that we are sure to refer to again and again. Visit the NARIC website to find more resources and valuable information.

We will come back in September to start a series to reflect on our ongoing experience implementing Accessibility Excellence at PHMC and PA Museums sites. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

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