Accessibility Excellence Project Launch

PA Museums’ Accessibility Excellence Project has launched with new resources at our website. Please click here to learn more.

This graphic illustrates the relationship between components of the Accessibility Excellence Toolkit. It consists of a set of circles connected by arrows and dotted lines. At the top, a dotted line labeled “Organizational Reflection” arches over and connects to the circles below. The first large circle on the left is labeled “Assess,” with five elements listed underneath: ADA Checklist Self-Study, Accessibility Audit, Self-Study Maturity Model, Self-Study Workbook, and User-Expert Site Visit. A line of small arrows points to the next large circle, labeled “Prepare.” This circle is connected by dotted lines to each of three smaller circles, arranged vertically and connected by overlapping edges. The middle circle is labeled “Partner Check-ins” with the circle above labeled “Planning: Action Planning Template” and below labeled “Research: Resource Guides.” Dotted lines to the right of the three small circles converge on a second line of small arrows which point to the large circle on the right, labeled “Implement.”

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